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Aquaculture Innovation

Aquaculture is the controlled cultivation of fish or shellfish such as tuna, yellowtail kingfish, oysters and abalone, leading to more intensive production than is possible in the wild. It offers the greatest scope for creating new industries and significantly increasing seafood production. MISA Aquaculture Innovation is finding new ways to increase the value and volume of seafood aquaculture in SA, as well as improving its pre-harvest quality.

Aquaculture Innovation projects

Aquaculture Innovation research results (MISA Snapshots - one page non-technical summaries)

Substantial aquaculture research capability already exists within South Australia. MISA is helping the State move forward having established new capability for both sea-based and inland aquaculture with an emphasis on:

  • fish health  
  • ecosystem modelling
  • market science
  • nutrition
  • genetics and biotechnology
  • production efficiencies
  • feed technology

New infrastructure initiated by MISA including the substantial expansion of the Lincoln Marine Science Centre is supporting this research. MISA Aquaculture Innovation will complement and, where appropriate, support initiatives to diversify South Australia‚Äôs aquaculture farming enterprises. MISA will also help generate new industries based on integrated biosystems that exploit alternative streams such as saline groundwater and wastewater from other aquaculture systems, to produce new products.