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Australian Seafood Industry Response to a Carbon-Based Future

MISA Symposium at AMSA 2009

At the Australian Marine Science Associations National Conference, seven of Australia's leading researchers met at the MISA sponsored Symposium and discussed the many challenges presented by climate change and the tools and knowledge being developed to help industry adapt. The Symposium brought together some of the available science that can assist in identifying the climate change drivers and future landscape in which seafood industries will potentially be operating. The impacts on seafood industries and strategies for responding to them in the areas of mitigation, adaptation and future opportunities were also discussed.

Speakers include:

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Anthony Cheshire (Science to Manage Uncertainty) - Key Note Speaker
Sea change in response to climate change: impacts, risks and opportunities for industry in a carbon constrained future

Summary of Anthony Cheshire's presentation
Anthony Cheshire's presentation (687KB .PDF)
Pod cast of Anthony Cheshire's presentation (4.8MB MP3)

Gretta Pecl (Tasmania Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute)
Climate change impacts and the challenges associated with developing adaptation options for Australia's fisheries

Summary of Gretta Pecl's presentation
Gretta Pecl's presentation (1.3MB PDF)  
Pod cast of Gretta Pecl's presentation (4.2MB MP3)

John Middelton (South Australian Research and Development Institute)
The biophysical landscape of the Southern Australian shelves: measurement, modelling, climate and climate change

Summary of John Middelton's presentation
John Middelton's presentation (1.9MB PDF)
Pod cast of John Middelton's presentation (3.5MB MP3)

Peter Fairweather (Department for Environment and Heritage)
Predicting changes to seascapes under future climate, with Coorong as a case study

Summary of Peter Fairweather's presentation
Peter Fairweather's presentation (930KB PDF)
Pod cast of Peter Fairweather's presentation (5MB MP3)

Corey Bradshaw (University of Adelaide / South Australian Research and Development Institute)
Predicting impacts of climate change on South Australian Aquaculture: risk assessment, business susceptibility and ecological assays

Summary of Corey Bradshaw's presentation
Corey Bradshaw's presentation (6MB PDF)
Pod cast of Corey's presentation (3.5MB MP3)

Rick Fletcher (WA Department of Fisheries)
Use of risk assessment within an ecosystem-based fisheries management framework to provide practical advice on the management priorities generated by climate change

Summary of Rick Fletcher's presentation
Rick Fletcher's presentation (800KB PDF)
Pod cast of Rick Fletcher's presentation (2.8MB MP3)

Peter Hayman (South Australian Research and Development Institute)
Can seafood industries learn from agriculture about adapting to climate change?

Summary of Peter Hayman's presentation
PDF of presentation (not yet available)
Pod cast of Peter Hayman's presentation (5MB MP3)

Symposium's abstract.

Post Symposium comments.

Experts warn of climate change threat to seafood industry (Article taken from The Advertiser on the 10th July 2009)

Warming waters threaten lobster fishery (Transcript of interviews with Wes Ford, Tasmania DPI and Gretta Pecl, Tasmania Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute on ABC Rural)