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High recongnition for SARDI researcher

DNA-based analysis revealing critical insights into the diets of the Australian sea lion have won SARDI marine biologist and PhD candidate, Kristian Peters, an IMarEST award for outstanding research in marine science. Kristian's work developing  sophisticated DNA analysis of sea lion scats (faeces) to assess the trophic dynamics of the threatened species will ultimately help in their conservation. Conventional DNA analysis of sea lion scats is difficult to quantify because the prey DNA is highly degraded. The novel DNA techniques developed by Kristian are also applicable to many other taxa, and Kristian is now at the forefront of his field of marine molecular science . Kristian, with support from Marine Innovation SA (MISA), will present his findings at an international conference on the biology of marine animals in Canada in October.

MISA PhD candidate, Kristian Peters in the field

Kristian Peters with scat samples from an Australian sea lion. In capturing the sea lion, Kristian was also able to remove fishing debris from around the animal’s neck.