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The Ocean's Supermum

SARDI's Simon Goldsworthy (kneeling) and Brad Page tag a sea lion pup. Photo courtesy Content Mint.

Come along to Adelaide University on Tuesday July 26, 6-9pm, to view the one-hour documentary filmed by the National Geographic featuring previously unknown underwater behaviour of the Australian sea lion. Guest speaker: A/Prof. Simon Goldsworthy. Film night information.

Australian seal experts, Associate Professor Simon Goldsworthy and Dr Brad Page, from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), featured in a wildlife documentary on the endangered Australian sea lion that is screening worldwide on the National Geographic network, and on ABC TV. Much of this work is supported by the State Government initiative Marine Innovation SA (MISA).

Producers of the one-hour special followed the SARDI Threatened Endangered and Protected Species team for 12 months to remote locations on islands off South Australia documenting their research into the everyday lives of sea lions. Using the latest technologies from  satellite trackers to depth loggers, crittercams and DNA sampling, the scientists are gathering critical information that will help in the survival of the endemic species. The Ocean’s Supermum, which features previously unknown underwater behaviour of sea lions captured by National Geographic CrittercamsTM, screened on ABC1 TV on Sunday, October 3 2010 at 7.30 p.m.

Preview information from the ABC website.

ABC's Carole Whitelock interviews Simon Goldsworthy about the sea lion documentary, a recording from the ABC on Friday October 1, 2010 (MP3 2.13MB)

Left: SARDI's Simon Goldsworthy (kneeling) and Brad Page tag a sea lion pup.  Photo courtesy of Content Mint.