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Evolving fisheries management science: a Canadian case study

Dr Robert Stephenson, St Andrews Biological Station and University of New BrunswickDr Robert L. Stephenson
Principal Investigator, NSERC Canadian Fisheries Research Network
St. Andrews Biological Station and University of New Brunswick

12pm, 4 April 2013, Lecture Theatre, SARDI Aquatic Sciences, 2 Hamra Ave, West Beach, South Australia

Canada’s fisheries face the challenges of moving to an ‘ecosystem approach’ to management (EAM), market pressure for certification of sustainability, an evolving set of policies related to Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO’s) Sustainable Fisheries Framework, and a growing need to include harvesters in the management decision-making process and in a shared stewardship responsibility. Fisheries also need to be considered together with other activities in the marine environment in more holistic ‘integrated management’ (IM) approaches. The Canadian Fisheries Research Network has assembled a diverse team that includes academics from natural and several social science disciplines, a cross-section of the fishing industry, and representatives of government science, policy and management sectors to study the emerging framework for sustainability in Canada’s fisheries. To date the project has worked to anticipate, and articulate performance indicators associated with an expanded perspective of sustainability that includes ecological, social, economic and institutional aspects. This framework is being tested in case studies and used as the basis for development of recommendations on how best to gather information required for evolving management.