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Science by the Beach

SARDI Aquatic Sciences Open Day

More than 5000 people enjoyed discovering what goes on in our seas and rivers at the 2009 SARDI Aquatic Sciences Open Day.

The event showcased SARDI's world-class SA freshwater and marine research.

Interactive science displays included:

  • seminars
  • children's activities
  • touch tanks
  • oceanography
  • future marine fuels

The day provided a chance for young and old to talk with our scientists and find out how their work helps manage South Australia’s fisheries and aquaculture industries, and protects our precious aquatic environments.

For the first time, the public could tour a new national research facility - the NCRIS Photobioreactor facility - which aims to establish a commercially viable biofuel industry.

Displays included touch tanks filled with all kinds of aquatic creatures, weird specimens from the deep, mini ecosystem displays, big snapper, yellow tail kingfish and mulloway and a shark display which included the head of a four-metre great white shark.  There were also lobsters, blue crabs and even a Murray cod. 

Those who wanted to dig a little deeper into aquatic research attended seminars on assessing fish populations, how microalgae could soon power our cars and planes, the science behind managing South Australia's growing sardine fishery, oceanographic research which is shedding light on climate change, and the work we are doing with Australian sea lions, sharks and seabirds, as well as with our freshwater fish and riparian environments.

Event date: Sunday, 22 November 2009

SA Aquatic Sciences Centre
2 Hamra Ave, West Beach 

Boy at SARDI Open Day investigating Australian sardines  Checking out seahorses at SARDI Aquatic Sciences Open Day

    SARDI Aquatic Sciences Open Day - white pointer display  Displays at SARDI Aquatic Sciences Open Day