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Level 2 Item Top-up scholarships available within the Great Australian Bight Research Program
Level 3 Item Seasonal variation in primary productivity and food web dynamics in a coastal upwelling system: the eastern Great Australian Bight
Level 3 Item Deepwater pelagic ecology revealed through acoustic and optical sensing
Level 3 Item Systematics, phylogenetics and biogeography of deep-sea amphipods/isopods
Level 3 Item Understanding the provenance of South Australian asphalitites and tar balls and their potential implications for the petroleum systems of the Great Australian Bight: mapping the spatial and geochemical relationships
Level 3 Item Developing a baseline understanding of the social and community structure and resilience in the Eyre Peninsula and West Coast region of South Australia
Level 3 Item The contribution of whale, dolphin, great white shark and seal-based recreation and tourism to regional economies
Level 3 Item Spatial and temporal variation in zooplankton abundance, secondary prouctivity, and trophic linkages in southern Australian waters
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Level 3 Item Open water (pelagic) ecosystem and environmental drivers
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Level 2 Item Seafood Services Australia MEDIA RELEASE - 24 September 2010
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Level 3 Item Scientists fathom unexplored depths off South Australia
Level 3 Item Eyre Peninsula to Benefit from New Marine Program
Level 3 Item Port Lincoln Council has passed Development Plans
Level 3 Item $4m Expansion
Level 3 Item Resounding Thumbs Up for 'Win Win Win' Park Plan
Level 3 Item MISA launch at West Beach
Level 3 Item SA Government has launched a blue print for marine innovation in SA
Level 3 Item Centre Work Set to Start
Level 3 Item Penfold Welcomes MISA
Level 3 Item Lincoln Marine Science Centre expansion on target
Level 3 Item SA Institutes Lead Multi-million Dollar Cooperative Research Centre Bid
Level 3 Item Go Ahead for Major Marine Science Centre Expansion
Level 3 Item Seafood Industry Coup for South Australia
Level 3 Item Amazing marine science on the EP
Level 3 Item Lincoln Marine Science Centre ??" a rock solid development!
Level 3 Item Marine science on EP
Level 3 Item Marine science focus in port lincoln
Level 3 Item Centre underway
Level 3 Item $2 billion by 2015
Level 3 Item 66% of Seafood from Eyre Peninsula
Level 3 Item Exploring new frontiers
Level 3 Item New lab on track
Level 3 Item Marine Research Collaboration Wins Recognition
Level 3 Item Media Release
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Level 4 Item Integrating Oceanography Workshop
Level 4 Item MISA Showcases SA Aquaculture
Level 4 Item MISA Award
Level 3 Item Stage II of the Lincoln Marine Science Centre
Level 3 Item Draft Program
Level 3 Item Anthony Cheshire
Level 4 Item Podcast of Anthony Cheshire's presentation
Level 3 Item Gretta Pecl
Level 4 Item Podcast of Gretta Pecl's presentation
Level 3 Item John Middelton
Level 4 Item Podcast of John Middelton's presentation
Level 3 Item Peter Fairweather
Level 4 Item Podcast of Peter Fairweather's presentation
Level 3 Item Corey Bradshaw
Level 4 Item Podcast of Corey's presentation
Level 3 Item Peter Hayman
Level 4 Item Podcast of Peter Hayman's presentation
Level 3 Item Post Symposium Comments
Level 3 Item Syposium Abstract
Level 3 Item 6th National Lobster Congress
Level 3 Item SA FRAB Key Dates 2010
Level 3 Item Tuna Symposium
Level 2 Item MISA Update - August 2006
Level 2 Item Employment Opportunities
Level 2 Item MISA Update - July 2007
Level 2 Item Lincoln Marine Science Centre Updates
Level 2 Item MISA updates
Level 3 Item April 2008 - Seals as ocean observers
Level 2 Item Opening of the Lincoln Marine Science Centre
Level 3 Item Lincoln Marine Science Centre Major Expansion Officially Opened
Level 2 Item MISA Snapshots
Level 3 Item MISA Snapshots - 2009
Level 3 Item MISA Snapshots - 2010
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Level 2 Item Past News Articles
Level 3 Item Australian Seafood Industry Response to a Carbon-Based Future
Level 2 Item SA Seafood to grace the plates of the France's finest
Level 2 Item The Marine Innovation South Australia Student International Travel Grant 2009-2010
Level 3 Item Telomere length accurately predicts the chronological age of the common carp
Level 3 Item Differential effects of temperature and salinity on viral production and lysis rates in South Australian waters
Level 3 Item Space-time variability in phytoplankton communities in the South Australian shelf waters
Level 3 Item Population structure, movement and foraging of coastal and oceanic pelagic sharks in the Southern Ocean
Level 3 Item Otolith microstructure reveals recruitment processes for snapper
Level 3 Item A glimpse into Pandora's box; DNA based analysis offers insight into the diet of the endangered Australian sea lion
Level 3 Item An enriched isotope mass-marking technique for the early life-history stages of cephalopods
Level 3 Item Assessing the effectiveness of the Great Australian Bight Marine Park in protecting the endangered
Level 2 Item Aquatics Research Recognised
Level 2 Item SA Aquaculture R&D Applauded
Level 2 Item High recongnition for SARDI researcher
Level 2 Item Science by the Beach
Level 2 Item National Seafood Industry Program 2010
Level 2 Item Seminars at the Lincoln Marine Science Centre
Level 2 Item DAFF/FRDC Aquatic Animal Health Training Scheme - NEW!
Level 2 Item Tim Flannery to talk on Palaeontology and climate change
Level 2 Item Sea lions provide valuable data
Level 2 Item Seafood CRC travel grants
Level 2 Item APAI PhD scholarships available
Level 2 Item Exploring South Australia's ocean depths
Level 3 Item South Australian schools science experiment
Level 2 Item Eat more seafood
Level 2 Item PhD opportunities
Level 2 Item Consumer perceptions of South Australian seafood - Ehrenberg-Bass reports and media release
Level 3 Item 'Bridging the seafood gulf'
Level 4 Item Sardine spring rolls with Sultana liquorice
Level 3 Item Sensory perception of prawns and yellowtail kingfish
Level 2 Item Australian seafood to use Australian Made, Australian Grown logo
Level 2 Item The Ocean's 'Supermum'
Level 2 Item Shark researcher named a tall poppy
Level 2 Item The Ocean's Supermum
Level 2 Item Great white hopes for cage divers
Level 2 Item SARDI scientists produce mussel spat to assist the industry
Level 2 Item SAIMOS on YouTube
Level 2 Item Sea lions in the spot light
Level 2 Item Australian Seafood CRC courses now available
Level 2 Item Training your tastebuds
Level 2 Item School of Biological Sciences' Seminar Series
Level 2 Item ASFB 2011 conference
Level 2 Item Macroalgae to grow on land
Level 2 Item Environment Institute - upcoming events
Level 2 Item Landline lands sardines
Level 2 Item MISA Media Releases
Level 2 Item Upcoming Events
Level 2 Item Management evolves for Sardine Fishery
Level 2 Item SARDI showcases its innovative science at Port Festival
Level 2 Item SARDI seeds new hope for US oyster industry
Level 2 Item Leading the way in gillnet bycatch mitigation research
Level 2 Item SARDI Seminar Series
Level 3 Item A daily tag return model for lobster fisheries
Level 3 Item Disease management in aquaculture: crystal ball policy making
Level 3 Item What do aquaculture zones deliver?
Level 3 Item The evolution and future outlook of environmental monitoring for South Australia's Aquaculture Industry
Level 3 Item Compliance programs complement the sustainable development of the South Australian Aquaculture Industry
Level 3 Item Operation Webb: Mathematician's dream and prosecutor's nightmare
Level 3 Item An overview of activities at Cawthorn's Glenhaven Aquaculture Centre
Level 3 Item Evolving fisheries management science: a Canadian case study
Level 3 Item Seminar 20 June 2013
Level 3 Item Seminar 27 June
Level 3 Item Seminar 4 July 2013
Level 2 Item SA Aquatic Biosecurity Centre opens
Level 3 Item SA Aquatic Biosecurity Centre Opening - high resolutions photos
Level 2 Item 'Believing in the science' reaps reward for prawn fishers
Level 2 Item 'Virtual larvae' point prawn fishers in the right direction
Level 2 Item Farmed seaweed features on Escape with ET
Level 2 Item Murray Cod Documentrary on Escape with ET
Level 2 Item SARDI hosts shark workshop and Minister's visit
Level 2 Item Oyster research leads to award
Level 2 Item New era for marine research
Level 3 Item High resolution photographs
Level 3 Item Media release
Level 3 Item Media release
Level 3 Item Media release
Level 3 Item MISA symposia media articles
Level 2 Item Pushing abalone growth rates
Level 2 Item Presentations - MISA symposia
Level 2 Item Australian fisheries given the 'green' tick
Level 2 Item New era of marine research in the Great Australian Bight
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