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Apex Predators Team


As part of the Great Australian Bight Research Program CSIRO will develop novel statistical methods for estimating positions, behaviours and changes in feeding patterns in individual southern bluefin tuna from electronic tag data.

Professor Simon Goldsworthy leads the Threatened, Endangered and Protected Species (TEPS) Subprogam at SARDI. His research has primarily focused on the foraging and population ecology of marine predators, and their trophic and operational interactions with fisheries and aquaculture (Theme Leader).

Dr Campbell Davies of CSIRO has a background in applied marine science, in particular the spatial ecology of fish and fisheries, marine conservation planning, and the development and evaluation of adaptive management systems (Theme Leader).

Dr Fred Bailleul of SARDI contributes to the TEPS Subprogram. His research has primarily focused on behavioural ecology. He specialises in analysing tracks and behaviour of marine predators in relation to their oceanic environment.

Dr Karen Evans of CSIRO develops and deploys tags, and analyses their data to see how top order predators move, feed and behave. She has tagged tunas, billfish, sharks, seabirds, seals and whales from the tropics to Antarctica.

Dr Alice Mackay of SARDI is a marine mammal ecologist in the TEPS Subprogram. Her research focuses on population and foraging ecology of key pinniped, cetacean and seabird species, and understanding and mitigating TEPS interactions with fisheries and aquaculture.

Dr Luciana Moller is an Associate Professor in Marine Biology at Flinders University School of Biological Sciences, and Research Leader of the University’s Cetacean Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution Lab in conjunction with Dr Guido Parra. Dr Moller is also Deputy Head of the Molecular Ecology Lab and has particular expertise in the behavioural and molecular ecology of marine mammals.

Dr Guido Parra is a senior lecturer at Flinders University School of Biological Sciences and leads (together with Dr L. Moller) the Cetacean Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution Lab (CEBEL).

Dr Toby Patterson of CSIRO examines the use of animal movement and behaviour data for conservation and fisheries management. He specialises in statistical analysis of electronic tag data and has studied tracking and behaviour data from tuna, sharks, whales, seabirds, turtles, seals and reindeer.

Dr Paul Rogers of SARDI leads research on migratory and iconic shark and fish species in the TEPS Subprogam. His research focuses on understanding the critical habitat use, movement-mediated connectivity and foraging dynamics of top predators.



The Great Australian Bight Research Program is a collaboration between BP, CSIRO, the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), the University of Adelaide, and Flinders University.