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Oceanography Team


Researchers from SARDI and CSIRO will develop 'hindcasts' of ocean circulation in the Great Australian Bight to investigate the 600m deep Flinders Current System and paths of connectivity of pollutants, nutrients and biota.

Associate Professor John Middleton leads the Oceanography Subprogram at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI). He has developed new theories of coastal ocean circulation and developed ocean models that have demonstrated the nature of the circulation along Australia’s southern shelves. He has a strong background in mathematics and oceanography, data analysis and ocean modelling (Theme Leader).

Dr David Griffin of CSIRO is a physical oceanographer specialising in phenomena including eddies, fronts and boundary currents. His research interests include observing, modelling and forecasting ocean conditions (including as a leader of the BLUElink ocean forecasting system), ocean renewable energy from currents and waves, and data assimilation and satellite remote sensing (Theme Leader).

Dr Mike Herzfeld of CSIRO is a physical oceanographer specialising in hydrodynamic modelling, particularly in coastal environments. His interest is in the improvement of numerical algorithms in regional models, with a focus on open boundary conditions. He is currently leading modelling activities in the marine modelling component of eReefs.

Dr John Luick of SARDI has over 30 years experience in ocean modelling. John is taking a lead role in the development and validation of the ocean model using the internationally adopted Regional Ocean Modelling System.

Dr Charles James of SARDI is a physical oceanographer with over 20 years of experience collecting and analysing oceanographic data and running computer simulations of physical processes. His current work includes developing coupled wave-ocean models (SWAN/ROMS)  and coupling physical and biological models. His responsibilities at SARDI also include supervising the Southern Australian IMOS field program.



The Great Australian Bight Research Program is a collaboration between BP, CSIRO, the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), the University of Adelaide, and Flinders University.