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Petroleum Systems


Workstation for identiying oil inclusions. This technology will be used in the Great Australian Bight Research Program to detect hidden oil shows in rocks retrieved from archived samples collected from previous drilling in the Bight.

Dr Andrew Ross of CSIRO is both a marine scientist and petroleum geologist. His interests are in hydrocarbon exploration, hydrocarbon sensors, marine geology and oil spill science research (Theme Leader).

Dr Richard Kempton of CSIRO is a geologist who investigates fluid flow in sedimentary basins using fluid inclusions. His interests focus on understanding the step-wise fill history of petroleum reservoirs in previously unseen detail, which have positioned CSIRO as a leader in the application of fluid-inclusion based methods for reducing exploration risk (Theme Leader).

Dr Julien Bourdet of CSIRO is a geologist and specialist in oil and gas fluid inclusions. His interests focus on better understanding the physical conditions of oil migration and accumulation processes and how fluids evolve at the microscopic level. He is currently investigating new Raman-derived techniques for pore-water salinity and deriving pressure from gas inclusions.

Dr Se Gong of CSIRO is an organic geochemist who develops new technologies for analysing the molecular and isotopic composition of gases from fluid inclusions. She also specialises in geochemical fingerprinting of oils in order to determine their source and processes that have led to their formation.

Dr Laurent Langhi of CSIRO is a  geologist and geophysicist with extensive experience as a leader of research relating to oil and gas exploration and production, and carbon capture and sequestration.

Dr David McKirdy is an organic geochemist who teaches and conducts research on the use of geochemical techniques in petroleum exploration and basin analysis. He specialises in the analysis of coastal bitumens.

Charlotte Stalvies of CSIRO is a geologist and geochemist who plans and implements sampling strategies for marine surveys, investigating both natural hydrocarbon seeps and oil spill response.




The Great Australian Bight Research Program is a collaboration between BP, CSIRO, the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), the University of Adelaide, and Flinders University.