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John Luick

Physical Oceanographer


John Luik


Areas of expertise:

Analysis and modelling of ocean circulation, waves, and tides.


Countries of work experience:

Australia, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.


Experience and qualifications:

John has over twenty years experience in projects related to ocean monitoring, tidal analysis, and hydrodynamic modelling. He has numerous publications and technical reports as well as wide experience in teaching, consulting, and shipboard observations.


Since joining SARDI in mid-2007, he has been involved with the new Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) network as well as three other ongoing projects: Risk and Response, Environmental Variability, and Innovative Solutions II. These latter are SARDI projects concerned with how environmental factors influence marine life and biological productivity. IMOS is a national program for monitoring Australia’s coastal seas and the exchange of nutrients and water properties across the shelf.


His diverse background includes several years in north Queensland modelling residence times in the Great Barrier Reef lagoon, half a year each in Canberra and India modelling coastal freshwater aquifers, and a similar amount of time in Alaska co-authoring a book on tides. His previous shipboard research has taken him on two long expeditions through the islands of Indonesia and The Philippines, several crossings of the Tasman Sea, and over a dozen cruises in the Gulf of Alaska. He has also conducted workshops in nine different Pacific Island nations as part of an AusAID program designed to promote local environmental management. However, his most extensive experience is with the analysis of tides and sea level, gained over his years with the National Tidal Facility (Flinders University) in Adelaide.


Professional appointments:

2007-present: Oceanographer, SARDI (Leader, Hydrodynamic Modelling Subprogram)


2005-2007: Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland


1993-2005: Oceanographer, Flinders University (National Tidal Facility)


Publications and technical reports 2000-2012:

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Petrusevics, P., J.A.T. Bye, J. Luick, and C. Teixeira (2011) Summer sea surface temperatures and elevated chlorophyll-a in the entrance to Spencer gulf, South Australia. Continental Shelf Research, 31, 849-856.

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Research Projects
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Dr John Luick

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